NP Realty Scholarship

NP Realty, Inc. in Kearney will once again be offering a $500 scholarship again this year to a 2017 senior planning to attend UNK in the Fall. The NP Realty Scholarship will be presented annually by a Norwood family member or NP Realty associate at your schools Honor’s Program.

The scholarship recipient will be based on the following criteria.
1. The scholarship will be awarded to one graduating senior each year that plans to attend the University of Nebraska at Kearney in the fall term immediately following their high school graduation. The scholarship will be awarded at the beginning of their first semester.
2. The scholarship is designed to reward progress, perseverance, determination and dedication.
3. The recipient should have demonstrated a broad range of extra curricular involvement and leadership during their high school years. Extra curricular activities may include but are not limited to music, drama, student council, class office and sports.
4. The scholarship will be awarded without regard to race, creed, and physical limitations.
Application Process: Interested students must submit an NP Realty Scholarship application provided by your school’s guidance counselor. The application must be completed in full and returned by the deadline noted on the application. In general terms, the scholarship applications will be available on March 1 with an application deadline of approximately April 15 each year.
The application will also include a one page written summary titled “What does my community mean to me?”
One letter of recommendation from a person not associated with the school is also required.
The selection committee will select a recipient and an alternate; should the recipient be unable to utilize the scholarship the alternate will be awarded the scholarship.
An information sheet can be downloaded here.
The application can be downloaded here.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give me a call.

Thank you!

Amy Worley, Realtor
NP Realty, Inc.

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2017 Gateway Farm Expo Scholarship

The 2017 Gateway Farm Expo Scholarship is now available at our website or you can download the application here.

Please feel free to call or e-mail if you have any questions.

Thank you!

Pam Martin
Administrative Assistant
KAAPA Coop/Gateway Farm Expo
P.O. Box 1301
Kearney, NE 68848
(308) 234-2712
(308) 338-1231 (Fax)

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UNK Industrial Technology Scholarship

The Industrial Technology Department at the University of Nebraska at Kearney would like to invite your senior students to apply for our Industrial Technology Incoming Freshman Scholarships.

Our application process is online and very simple for the students; they provide their information in the online form and the system finds the scholarships they would qualify for and adds them as an applicant for that particular award. Detailed instructions are included and we invite you to please share this with your students as appropriate.

Click the link to create an account now:
If you have any trouble with the application, please call UNK Office of Financial Aid. 308-865-8520,

The application process closes at midnight February 28, 2017.

On behalf of the Industrial Technology Department, I would like to thank you for providing this information to your students.
Jami Koester

Jami Koester
Office Associate
Department of Industrial Technology
University of Nebraska at Kearney

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Crescent Electric College Scholarship

If you want to win a $1000 scholarship to help cover expenses, enter the Crescent Electric College Scholarship Contest. Crescent Electric Supply Company will award a $1000 scholarship to a highly motivated student who thoughtfully shares a photo of their effort to minimize energy usage on social media.

Graduating seniors in high school or a freshman, sophomore, or junior in college.
Must be graduating high school or in college and between the ages of 16 and 22.
How much is the Crescent Electric College Scholarship Contest worth?
The winner will receive a check or Visa gift card in the mail for $1000.

Students can apply up until August 9th when a winner will be selected. Application and details are here.

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Buckle Excellence Scholarship

Buckle Excellence Scholarship is awarded to a freshman majoring in Computer Science or Information Technology at UNK – University of Nebraska at Kearney. It is a two year scholarship, in the amount of $3,000 per year.

Since 1948, Buckle has been providing a place for young men and women with an interest in clothing, to dress, accessorize, and express themselves through their style! It has also been a place that has provided many people a rewarding, and fulfilling career. Through the Buckle Excellence Scholarship, Buckle is providing a new kind of opportunity for young men and women headed to college at UNK.

The scholarship recipients are provided with unique opportunities to build relationships with Buckle IT professionals through activities such as job shadowing, tours of the Buckle facilities, and on-site presentations. Buckle has a student internship program for Computer Science & Information Technology students and has hired numerous Computer Science & Information Technology graduates over the years. Buckle also offers its employees for classroom presentations and student project reviews.

Please place the attached poster where interested students will be able to see it. Our goal is to make students aware of this wonderful opportunity.

The deadline to apply is February 28th. More information is available online at

Please let us know if you have questions about this scholarship or the application process.

If you would like a full size poster of the Buckle Scholarship-please respond to this message and we will mail a poster to your school.

We look forward to receiving applications from your students.

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Prospective Educator’s Scholarship

The PDK Educational Foundation awards more than 30 scholarships each year to prospective educators who have a connection to PDK by having a family member or teacher who is a PDK member, or through membership in Educators Rising. All scholarships are available under a single application.

The 2017 scholarship application is open until April 2, 2017. For more info, click here.

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Financial Aid with Humor from

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